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"I recommend this program because it is unique for our local professional landscape, being dedicated to "people working with other people", meaning for those who care for their communities and who need support in building their resilience."

Ana Nedelcu
a happy participant of the Wellbeing Program #1

"I enjoyed the idea of meeting people facing similar challenges to explore together with them what wellbeing meant for us. The interaction with such a variety of people, the activities we were exploring: dance, writing, drawing, all these made me enjoy every meeting. I would participate one more time and I would pay even more attention to each detail of the activities we have done."

Corina Paraschiv
a happy participant of the Wellbeing Program #1

"The Program has created the context to reflect on wellbeing, which is one of my values and personal interests. I appreciated Roxana’s style, relaxed, friendly, appreciative and gentle, the valuable information shared and the safe space we created together".

Simona David-Crisbăşanu
a satisfied participant of the Wellbeing Program #2

About Us

A calm, and mild-mannered creature, the seahorse is seemingly content to roam the seas. His body is geared to move at a slow, relaxed pace - not for speed.

Content to be who they are, the seahorse has been evolving on this earth for more then 13 million years.

Resilient and relaxed, the seahorse inspires us with a few profound lessons that guide us through the program.

Embody Yourself invites you to go through an inner exploration of your own thinking system, personal emotions and purpose.

About The Founder

Roxana is actively involved in the social change field for more than 10 years. She has a wide experience in facilitating groups of people at national and international level. She creates learning contexts approaching body, mind and spirit through various contemplative and non-formal education methods.

Roxana developed a Wellbeing program for people working with other people, which creatively combines body movement, nature oriented methods and other experiential learning approaches. She is accompanying those looking for an inner transformation guiding individuals and groups of people through a process of personal exploration.

She is currently following the courses of Dalai Lama Fellowship organized by the Contemplative Sciences Centre at the University of Virginia USA committing thus to affiliate to a global movement of next generation leaders who apply universal values to solve global challenges. Roxana has graduated the European MA Program Advanced Development in Social Work.

She is passionate about dance and lives in Bucharest.

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About The Program

The Wellbeing Program offers YOU the context to reflect on your current (personal and professional) situation and provides customized tools and methods to create YOUR personal balance and focus and what matters for YOU.

During this program you will reflect on how your personal wellbeing influences all areas of your life and you will focus on how create positive changes in your daily routine, raise quality of your relationships, achieve your goals and follow your personal mission.


The Program combines methods oriented towards working with your body-mind-heart, provides personalized feedback and creates space for peer support.

What Will You Gain

The Program focuses on your personal wellbeing and provides tools and methods for you to strengthen it.

  • You will become more aware about your needs and how more you could fulfil them.

  • You will reflect at your relationships and find ways to increase their quality.

  • You will understand what your personal balance means and start to create it focusing on what matters for you.

  • You will look at your goals and plan how to transform them into reality through a concrete action plan.

program types

IncludingIndividualsGroupsPranayama Session
Physical Sessions66per request
Access To Exclusive Resources
Personalised Feedback & Support
Access To Online Community
Program Cost1200 RON750 RON/pax150 RON/session